back to the future birthday message

Here is a fully working example of what the finished product looks like. You can scan the QR code to hear Doc Brown deliver a Birthday Message.

Back To the Future

Birthday Message

It’s time to go Back To the Future. I have long been a fan of the famous movies since they first came out. I first did the impression when Christopher Lloyd who plays Doc Brown, when he was appearing in Taxi. As many of us love the idea of time travel, I created  the Back To the Future Birthday Message based on the movies.

Now you can send a Birthday Card digitally in 2020 with an embedded Mp3 file. As social media sites like Facebook & others don’t allow direct Mp3 uploads. You can add a photo with a QR code instead and have loads of fun with your friends and family.

Just send your script (up to 100 words) as well as the white text (up to 3 words) yellow text (up to 5 words) and I will do the rest. You should have your file within 24 hrs, 48 hrs max.

That’s not all just in case you do want a physical card, the file is also printable as a 6×4 inch card or photo. Giving you lots of options for your Back To the Future Birthday Message.

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