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Garmin Voices are great fun whilst you drive to your destination with your Garmin Nuvi.  You can choose from a wide range of celebrity impressions like Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman and more.  Then you can have more fun on the road with Stuart’s Celebrity Garmin Voices. Whatever you set your Garmin to, the voice will use the appropriate miles or kilometer voice settings. All Voices are impressions.

FREE Voices

Check out my FREE Garmin Voice below.

Andy Murray

Back To the Future Garmin Voice

Are you ready to go back? No matter where your destination is, you are sure to have fun with this voice. This Garmin Voice is based on the Doc from the Back To The Future films, just make sure you don’t go 88mph. Great Scott! Voice is Impression.

Gordon Ramsay Garmin Voice

Grab my Ramsay Garmin voice and have more fun on the road. Just like Gordon, Gino and Fred did on the ITV show, this is the voice that was used on the show. So come don’t be a donkey and let’s go, yes. Voice is impression.

Liam Neeson Garmin Voice

I don’t know who you are, I don’t know here your destination is. If you purchase this Garmin Voice, I will let it go now. If you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you and I will make you drive me to my destination. Voice is impression.

Julian Clary Garmin Voice

Oh hello punters, are you ready to go camping? Well camping it up anyway with my Julian Clary Garmin Voice. I have been bending over backwoods to bring you this voice.  Voice is impression.

Alan Rickman Garmin Voice

So Mr Potter where you like to drive too? My Alan Rickman voice is based on his character Snape, as well as Hans Gruber from Die Hard. So have yourself a bit of fun, driving to your destination.

Morgan Freeman Garmin Voice

Get busy living, or get busy driving with this fun voice. My Morgan Freeman impression will drive you to your destination. No matter where you are going, have more fun on the road.

Boycie Garmin Voice

Marleen, come on find another route. You will have lots of fun with this voice, based on the Only Fools & Horses TV programme. Don’t be a silly Trotter and download this voice for your Garmin nuvi.

Ozzy Garmin Voice

The Ozzy Garmin voice was the first voice I ever recorded. Please note the voice is in character, so does contain swearing. Have more fun on the raod with Ozzy driving to your destination.