Garmin Voices

Garmin Voices are great fun whilst you drive to your destination. Choose from a wide range of celebrity impressions like Morgan Freeman, Ozzy and many more. All voices are now FREE via my downloads area, which also include the voice used on Gordon Gino and Fred on the award winning TV show.  Whatever you set your Garmin to, the voice will use the appropriate miles or kilometre voice settings. All  Voices are impressions and celebrity names are used for description purposes.

Please read below for details of how to access the download area.

garmin voices

Garmin Voices

All my Garmin Voices are now FREE for members. All well as these voices being available to download. You can also download Ringtones, Alarms, Notifications and much more. All for a donation of £5. Or you can make a donation for a single single Garmin Voice. Just let me know which voice you would like when donating. All donation go towards funding One Life Wellbeing – Thank You

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