Celebrity Voice Overs

Voice Overs & Celebrity Voices

Here are some more of my celebrity voice overs. As well as doing voice overs, I also do many celebrity voices and accents as well.

The great thing about celebrity voices in a voice over, is that you can use them for so many things. You can say what they would not say, have a bit of fun with it. That is basically what I do, have a listen to the celebrity voice overs for yourself. It’s great fun and they have been used in many different ways over the years.

gordon gino fred

Gordon Gino & Fred

My Gordon Ramsay Garmin voice was used on the first series of Gordon Gino and Fred. When Gino is driving the mobile home, the sat nav voices plays, as part of the clip. You can download on the Garmin Voices page

Back to The 1980’s

Back to The Future

Birthday Greeting

It’s been 20 years since I first made talking Birthday cards. This was my Michael Caine Birthday Card on the Graham Norton Show a few years ago. I am now offering Birthday cards, as well as digital greeting cards as part of my new service. This will also include video greetings, which include my Doc Brown Impression. I have long been a fan of the Back to The Future movies. In fact it was my very first impression all those years ago. You can find out more on the Digital Greeting Cards website.