Birthday Messages & Greetings

No Need To Send Birthday Cards Anymore, send an Mp3 Instead

birthday messages I have long been a fan of funny Birthday Cards and fun things to send on someone's Birthday. I used to make Birthday Cards that open up and talk, you may have seen my Michael Caine Birthday Card on the Graham Norton Show a couple of years ago. You can have some fun with my Doc Brown voice from Back To The Future for example. They are already proving very popular going back over the years and having some fun with the script.

With SmartPhones and the apps that followed, we can now communicate like never before. Whether on social media, at work or of course your friends and family. Wishing Happuy Birthday has never been easier. Now you can send a personalised birthday message as an Mp3 using your favourite apps. Simply write a 50 or 100 word script and I will record it for you as a chosen celebrity, or in a fun voice or accent. Have a listen to the examples below. The scripts have been added so you can use them as a guide for your own script.



"Marleen, Marleen, come along Marleen we've got to wish Happy Birthday to Adrian Summers. It could be worse Adrian, you could have got one of Del Boys new hoovers as a present. They maybe bagless, but they are also useless"


Doc - Back To The Future

"Great Scott! Kyler Mills you've blasted all the way from 2002 to 2018 without using a single Gigowatt. You're turning 16 future boy! oh this is heavy. Happy Birthday Kyler and remember, your future has not been written yet, it's whatever you make it. So make it a good one."


Christopher Walken

“Ok I wanna be honest with you Dave, because I really didn’t want to send you a card for your Birthday. I mean you are just that fat guy I know that makes everyone laugh and ends up in women’s friend zone. But hey I am just kidding big guy, you are amazing, Now I hope this message has a bit more cowbell than the last one, Happy Birthday Dave.”


Donald Trump

"Ok so it’s a very Happy Birthday to Julie today. I just want to say, every time I look at you Julie, I just think I wanna get my hands of those. They are huge, huge. Your cupcakes are just the best ever and I just want to say happy birthday from all of us. We love you and your cupcakes."


Morgan Freeman

Music for demo only not included

"As was the norm in Sutherland Mike didn't like wearing shirts much. And he was always proud of his damn lawnmowers. When Mike was 4 years old he experienced the day any boy would never forget. He found his penis intentionally for the first time"


Alan Rickman

"Suppose congratulations are in order. Remember marriage to Tom is like trying to cut bread with a spoon, because it's dull you twit it will hurt more"


David Attenborough

“Here in the back garden hiding out somewhere in the long grass, you will see a strange species rarely seen in his own habitat. His mate, looks out of the window, wondering when he will return, and indeed wondering when he will cut the bloody grass. It’s not climate change Tom, is just not been cut for ages. Happy birthday from your long-suffering wife dawn. If you cut the grass, then I may just show you what I have done to my bush.”


Liam Neeson

“Sarah Smith. I don’t know who you are, I don’t know what you want for your Birthday. If it’s present, you want I don’t have any. But what I do have Sarah is a particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over many years. Skills Sarah I am going to use on you later. Happy Birthday from Kyle, you are taken because you are mine.”


Gordon Ramsay

"Hey big boy yes, put down that food and listen. Jean and Paul would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Hey they sent me some pictures, come on your cooking only looks like it's fit for a dog. Ay no forget that, I would not even serve that to a donkey yes."


Julian Clary

"Jim Davis I understand it’s your Birthday today. Well happy birthday big boy. When I say big, I do mean big. Anyway, I have got you a present, but I need a hand to get it up my back passage. So, if you like you can come around and I can give it to you. And remember, when you go down later don’t blow to hard. You are blowing out candles not a forest fire Jim."