Back To The Future Birthday Cards - Now Digital

Back To the Future is one of my all time favourite films. Time Travel also lends itself really well to having some fun with a personalised message. With Smartphones everyone is using new ways to send messages, cards and greetings through apps and social media. I can record your very own message for you, then send it via your favourite app.

Take a look at this example script:

"Great Scott I have been travelling through time and realised that today Yvette Jackson is your birthday. I remember back in 1976 when you looked much younger, now you are 41 and made an awful, awful mess of your life. I realise no one should know too much about their future self, but Yvette I know you will want to go out tonight, but whatever you do just say no, your future Birthdays depend on it and you may alter the space time continuum. I really must be going so Happy Birthday again Yvette I need to go back to the future."

You can either use that script and change the parts highlighted in bold, or create your own wording up to 100 words. Then I wil email this to you so you can send however you like.

Back To The Future


Script -Up to 100 words please