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Audio Greeting Cards

Audio Greeting Cards are a great new way to send a Birthday Card. Now social media is all around us like never before, there has never been a better way to send a loved one or friend a fun message. No need to post cards, send them an Audio Birthday Card instantly on social media, Whatsapp, email however you want too. Just write a little script, some examples are below if you need any help. Then I will record it for you. Most recording will be sent the same day, but please allow up to 24 hours to receive your recording.

audio halloween cards

Audio Halloween Cards

You can also use Audio Greeting Cards for Halloween. Trick or Treat like never before and some some find with your friends and loved ones. With Audio Halloween Cards you can send them in a whole new way. So many of us use social media now, now you can send messages to your friends and loved ones faster than ever before. Audio Halloween cards are especially designed to replace the need for a greeting card. Just send them and share them over social media like never before. They are great fun and you can write whatever you like. Have a listen below to some of my voices to give you some ideas.

Audio Christmas Cards

Audio Christmas Cards are a great new way to send a Christmas Greeting. any of us use social media and are looking at new ways of sending cards. Of course people still love to open a card and you can add these recordings to recordable cards, so you wish to do so. But many choose to use social media to send Christmas Greetings and messages.  With Whatsapp, email, Facebook, Twitter and many more ways for us to communicate, there has never been a quicker way to send a greeting card. Audio Christmas Cards are simple, you send me your script, I record it and send it to you within 24 hours, or on same day in many cases. Then you send the Mp3 using your favourite app or social media platform.

audio christmas cards