Celebrity Voice Impressions

Celebrity Voice Impressions – More Fun With Voice Overs


I have been performing celebrity impressions now for over 30 years. I started out immitating Christopher Lloyd’s character in Taxi all those years ago, long before the Back to the future movies came out. Then I moved onto TV stars like the cast of Only Fools and horses, especially Boycie. Then sport with Bruno, Eubank and many more. TV will Julian Clary, Chris Tarrant and many more.

More recently Gordon Ramsay, Ozzy, Liam Neeson to name just a few. I also do celebrity impressions of many movie stars like Morgan Freeman and Christopher Walken. As well as old favorites like Doc Brown from back to the future, who is featured in my Doc Brown App. My voices are used in Garmin Voices, Bingo Voices, Audio Birthday Cards and more.

Recording Voice Overs

celebrity impressionsAre you looking for the voice of Morgan Freeman? Or maybe my Gordon Ramsay Garmin Voice, after seeing Gordon, Gino & Fred. I have been recording celebrity impressions for many years, Morgan Freeman is now my most requested voice. You may want to wish a friend or loved one a Happy Birthday. You might have a product video and require narration to bring your script to life. Wedding recordings are also now very popular, the best man of someone else may be making a video with clips or photos. My celebrity voices are great for all occasions, as well as business use too.

Celebrity Impressions are often used in product videos. Impersonators are no exception, we are cheaper and still get the message across that the client is looking for. My voices have been used in many product videos, apps, entertainment systems and much more. Browse around my website and take a look at just some of what I have already voiced.

Garmin Voices

Garmin Voices are a fun way to add something a bit different to your Garmin Nuvi. Whether working, off on holiday or visiting family in the holidays they are sure to bring a smile. You can choose from a wide range of celebrity voice impressions like Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken. As well as starts of TV like Gordon Ramsay and Ozzy. Have more fun on the road with my Garmin Voices. Click on the link below for FREE Garmin Voices and test out your device.

garmin voices

Audio Birthday Cards are a great new way to send a Birthday card, just in a different way with an Mp3. I have been recording Birthday Messages for many years, they are great fun and work really well with social media.  You can choose from a wide range of celebrity impressions and voices and send them via social media. Many apps like Whatsapp allow you to send an Mp3 file, all you need to do is write a little script and I will do the rest. You can have a listen to some I have already recorded by clicking the link below.

Julian Clary

I have been recording Julian Clary impressions for of 30 years. He was one of my original voices. The voices taps in the the British humour we all love and of course a few double entendres.

Doc Brown

My Doc Brown voices from Back To the Future is a very popular choice. Travelling back in time and having a bit of fun with a friend or loved one, is a great new way to send a Birthday Greeting. Send the message via WhatsApp and many more different apps and social media.

audio birthday cards