Celebrity Voices

Voice Overs

Voices Overs for phone systems, like IVR Prompts or Voicemails. As well as promotional videos, Podcasts TV & Radio & more.

Birthday Messages

With social media and apps, there has never been a better time to send a personalised Birthday Message as an MP3.

Garmin Voices

I have been providing sat nav voices for 13 years. Check out my Garmin Voices as used on Gordon Gino & Fred.


A wide range of voices and accents for gaming. I would love to do some voice work as a keen gamer.

Garmin Voices

I have been recording Garmin Voices since 2008. I have had great fun with the original voice Ozzy, as well as many more that followed. My Gordon Ramsay Garmin Voice was used on Gordon Gino & Fred. You can check this out in the video below around 6:40. They are currently recording the 2nd series in America.

Professional Voice Overs are more affordable than ever before.