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celebrity impressions

Celebrity Impressions

Impressions of celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman and many other movie stars voices.
Voice Overs

Voice Overs

Huge range of voices, characters and accents, to suit your project, IVR prompts or videos.
garmin voices

Garmin Voices

Leading provider of Garmin Voices that can be used with navigation on Garmin Nuvi devices.


Voice Overs & Celebrity Impressions

Delivering Quality Voice Overs for over 30 years

Stuart J Smith Welcome to my website. Hi I am Stuart and have been doing Celebrity Impressions and voice overs for many years. I am the impressionist behind many of the Garmin Voices that are currently on sale online, including the Gordon, Gino & Fred voice on the ITV show. As well as many other products including telephone IVR recordings and much more, I specialise in Morgan Freeman Impressions, Alan Rickman, as well as Christopher Walken, Nicolas Cage and many more. Check out my Celebrity Impressions as well as my fun Garmin Voices that can be added to your Garmin Nuvi device


Birthday Messages

A New Way To Send Fun Birthday Cards wih an Mp3 Instead

Stuart J Smith We all carry mobile devices around now, mostly SmartPhone's. Filled with our lives and posted up on social media. When it's a friends Birthday it will pop up and remind you to send a message. Now using social media or one of the many apps available to message each other. You can send personalised Birthday messages like never before. The great thing is you can have a bit of fun with it as well and will always bring a smile to the face of the recipient. My Birthday Messages are already proving very popular, check out the examples for yourself.