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Voice Overs

Voices Overs for phone systems, like IVR Prompts or Voicemails. As well as promotional videos, Podcasts TV & Radio & more.

Birthday Messages

With social media and apps, there has never been a better time to send a personalised Birthday Message as an MP3.

Garmin Voices

I have been providing sat nav voices for 13 years. Check out my Garmin Voices as used on Gordon Gino & Fred.


A wide range of voices and accents for gaming. Need a voice for your character? I have a considerable range to choose from.

Garmin Voices

I have been recording Garmin Voices since 2008. I have had great fun with the original voice Ozzy, as well as many more that followed. My Gordon Ramsay Garmin Voice was used on Gordon Gino & Fred. You can check this out in the video below around 6:40. They are currently recording the 2nd series in America.

All Digital Downloads on the site are now FREE for a donation.

Some of My Voice Overs

Please help me to help others

As I have recently been ill with complications to my Kidney Transplant & other issues. As I get myself well again, I have decided I would like to help others. I am creating a Podcast and website called One Life Wellbeing, as well as hoping to do public speaking promoting good health and wellbeing. The Podcast and website will look at Organ Donation, Nutrition, Obesity, Alcohol, Drugs, Diet, Parenting, LGBT, Domestic Violence, mental health and much more. Now because I have been ill, I have not been working so unable to finance this myself currently. Please if you can help me to set up this service, so I can help others. In return all my Garmin Voices, Ringtones, Alarms, Notification alerts and much more will be available for you to download for FREE. Thank you in advance – Stuart

one life wellbeing