Welcome to Celebrity Voices

Celebrity Voice Overs by Stuart Smith.

Providing voice overs and impressions for over 30 years. My celebrity voices have been used on TV, Radio and on many products. The Gordon Ramsay Garmin voice was used on Gordon Gino & Fred, the popular TV show. Check out my Garmin Voices and download them.

The celebrity voice overs are now available to order. I can record your script and record it within 24 hours. You can choose some of my popular impressions to record your script. Alan Rickman or Doc from Back to the Future for example.  I can also add them to a QR code. They are a great new way of sending a Birthday card.

Digital Greeting Cards

Digital Greeting Cards is now open. Birthday Cards that can be personalised and a recording added. Using Smartphones and QR codes, the greeting card can be personalised like never before.

You can get Doc Brown from Back to the Future for example. Recording a message for a friend or loved on. My voices can be personalised with your very own script. Have some fun with your family & friends, or your workmates. Digital Greeting Cards is all about having a bit of fun with a greeting card.