Celebrity Voices

Voice Overs

Recording many celebrity voice overs over the years, including Digital Greeting Cards

Celebrity Voices

Celebrity Voices that are used on Greeting Cards and much more

Sat Nav Voices

Garmin Voices have been used on the ITV show Gordon, Gino & Fred

Birthday Cards

Digital Greeting Cards is my new service, Birthday Cards with my voices added.

Celebrity Voices

Welcome to celebrity voices, home of my impressions and voice overs. I knew I could do voices and impressions, as well as many accents from an early age. They are a way to express myself and often use humour as an escape. My celebrity voices are very much part of who I am as a person. I have loved adding them to various products and services over the years. Whether its working on radio, recording for TV and getting to work with celebrities. It was great fun and I have really enjoyed the ride.

As I have suffered ill health the last few years, I am now back recording again. My new service Digital Greeting Cards, is a return to making Birthday cards, but in a whole new way. Some of you may remember the old Birthday cards that open and talk. My new service still prints the high quality greeting card. Now with a QR code added, that plays my impressions, you can even get me to say what you want. They are great fun and I look forward to making people smile again, with my celebrity voice overs.

Some of my Impressions

Back To The Future

Digital Greeting Cards

We have all be sending and receiving Greeting cards for many years. My new service Digital Greeting Cards is now open. As well as standard greeting cards, but we also do things a little differently. Using Smartphones and QR codes, the greeting card can be personalised like never before.

I can record your script as Doc Brown for example, recording a message for a friend or loved on. Add the name on the card and add a QR code, sending them Back To the Future with a smile. Many of my voices can be personalised with your very own script. Have some fun with your family & friends, or your workmates. Digital Greeting Cards is all about having a bit of fun with a greeting card.