Happy Halloween


Organ Donation Week

This week is Organ Donation Week. It has been nearly 22 years since I received the amazing gift of life in 1995. With eveyone looking back at the 97 election it reminded me of when I recorded as Morgan Freeman for Organ Donation Week to celebrate my kidney. It was just after watching The Shawshank Redemption on video at the time. I decided to re record as my impression of Morgan Freeman is much better now. Please consider Organ Donation, you can find out more on the NHS Transplant website.

Michael Caine Birthday Card | The Graham Norton Show

If you watched the Graham Norton Show on the BBC, you would have seen Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman on the show. Michael Caine gives Graham Norton a Birthday Card, upon opening up it talks. The card is one of my old Birthday cards that I co produced with Brian Stickley from Talking Products, who produces lots of really cool talking products and gifts. The voice is my impression of Michael Caine, which Michael Caine himself said was a good one so I am happy. The amazing artwork was created by the Ric Machin The company may not exist anymore and we may not make the cards anymore. But as the card is more then 10 years old and the battery still works, it just shows the quality of the talking cards. I decided to re record the message inside the card and offer it free, you can download via the soundcloud clip. If you need any talking cards or products then check out the talking products website.